PawnPro Rewards

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We reward you with gift cards and other prizes just for shopping & selling with us!

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  • Enrollment

    Get 500 points immediately when you sign up for PawnPro Rewards!

  • Social Media

    500 points for leaving a Google (or Yelp) review. Write a Google Review.

    500 points for a Facebook review.

    100 points for liking our Facebook page.

  • Shopping & Selling

    2x Points for every dollar you spend.

    2x Points for every dollar you sell.

    2x Points for every dollar you sell in gold.

  • Special Events

    1,000 points on your birthday.

    500 points on your anniversary.

    50 points when you check-in on the kisok in store (limit to once per week).

  • $5 Pawn Pro Cash

    500 points.

  • $10 Pawn Pro Cash

    950 points.

  • Movies

    250 points.

  • Tac-Force Knife

    1,200 points.

  • Special Prizes in Store!

    We have even more prizes available in-store. Visit us to check them out.