What Electronics Does Pawn Pro Buy? A Comprehensive Guide

What Electronics Does Pawn Pro Buy? A Comprehensive Guide

At Pawn Pro, we understand the importance of staying connected and entertained. That's why we buy a wide range of electronics, ensuring you get cash for your gadgets when you need it most. From TVs to laptops, we've got you covered. Here's a breakdown of the types of electronics we accept and the specifications they need to meet:


 1. Televisions (TVs):

   - Must be manufactured within the last 7 years.

   - Should have legs and a remote control.

   - We accept various brands and sizes, ensuring you get the best value for your TV.


 2. Laptops and Computers:

   - Typically we are interested in computers or laptops manufactured within the last 5 years.

   - We make exceptions for some older Apple Computers due to their enduring power and value.

   - Original charger must be included.


 3.DVD and Blu-Ray Players:

   - Original remote control is required.

   - We accept players from a range of brands, ensuring you can turn your old entertainment system into cash.


 4.Smart Home Devices:

   - Acceptance depends on the brand and condition.

   - From smart speakers to security cameras, we evaluate each device individually to offer you the best price.


5. Cell Phones:

   - We purchase cell phones from any carrier and in most conditions.

   - Whether you have the latest flagship model or a previous generation device, we're interested in buying it.

   - Cracked screens, minor scratches, or even water damage—don't hesitate to bring your old cell phone to Pawn Pro for evaluation.


6. Tablets (e.g., iPads):

   - We accept tablets from various manufacturers but prefer mainly iPads and Samsung tablets.

   - Whether you're upgrading to a new model or simply no longer need your tablet, we're here to offer you cash for it.

   - Just like with cell phones, we consider tablets in various conditions, ensuring you get the best value for your device.


7. Speakers & Home Audio Equipment:

   - We buy a wide range of audio gear, from the newest Bluetooth speakers to vintage home audio equipment dating back to the 70s.

   - Whether you have a sleek, modern sound system or classic receivers and speakers from decades past, Pawn Pro is interested in evaluating them.

   - The key factors we consider for these items are condition and quality. Some receivers and speakers have retained their value over the years, while others may not have.

   - Text us pictures or bring in your audio equipment, and our experts will assess its condition and value, offering you a fair price based on its quality and market demand.


At Pawn Pro, we prioritize quality and functionality. All items must be in good condition to be considered for purchase. Whether you're upgrading your electronics or simply need some extra cash, we're here to help. Our team of experts is ready to assess your items and offer you a fair price on the spot.


Visit Pawn Pro today and turn your electronics into cash hassle-free. Got questions or want an offer before you come down? Feel free to text us at (315)401-6869, and we'll be happy to assist you!

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