Buy and Sell Gold in Syracuse, NY

Buy and Sell Gold in Syracuse, NY

Sell Gold in Central New York

Come to Pawn Pro if you are buying or selling gold jewelry, coins, timepieces, or collectibles. We offer top dollar on everything from jewelry to gold teeth. We make it easy for you to turn your old stuff into cash. We also have a large selection of beautiful gold products at great bargains, whether you want to treat yourself or find a gift for a special person. Our shop is one of Syracuse’s top gold buyers!

Gold Buyers: Cash for Gold in Syracuse, NY

Have gold you no longer use and need cash fast? Come sell it to us at Pawn Pro! We buy any gold you may have, whether it’s a class ring or a broken chain. We pay as close to the spot price as we can get for your items so you can lighten your load and fatten your wallet. If you are short on cash, it’s time to scour your drawers and closets for long-forgotten gold that you can turn into real income.

When you visit us to sell your gold, you will meet with one of our professional, expert gold buyers. Your gold expert will identify the karat of your piece as well as its weight. These steps are essential for determining the value of your gold. Once this information is gathered, we offer you more per gram than other shops in Syracuse. Just look at our online reviews. We’ve proven over our 10+ years in business that we pay the most for gold in the CNY area.

Shopping for gold? Check out our new showroom with seven cases full of jewelry! Pawn Pro has some of the best prices on gold jewelry and collectibles. You’ll find some of the most beautiful, high-quality gold products in our Syracuse showroom, including gold watches, gold collectibles, gold earrings, gold chains, and much more. Authenticity is guaranteed for all the gold products we carry, all of which are offered at bargain prices so you can buy what you need without spending a fortune. From gold engagement rings to gold graduation gifts, to coins that complete a treasured collection, we have your gold needs covered at Pawn Pro!

Buying Gold?

Whether you're shopping for the perfect pair of earrings or want to unload old jewelry, Pawn Pro is the place to go in Syracuse, NY. You can either visit us in person at our shop or call 315-449-1600 for an inventory check. You can also shop a large selection of our gold jewelry on our website here!

Some Types of Gold We Buy and Sell:

  •     Gold jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets
  •     Gold accessories such as pins and brooches
  •     Gold teeth and dental bridges
  •     Gold collectibles
  •     Gold dust, powder, filings, flakes, dust, sweeps, shot, etc
  •     Gold coins and bullion
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