Pawn Shops: How to Get the Most Cash for Your Item

Pawn Shops: How to Get the Most Cash for Your Item

We are asked many different questions when someone is looking to sell something. Among those are the typical, “How much is x worth?” and “Do you buy x?”. A question we do not hear often but would love to answer is, “How do I get more money for my item?“. Even though we are rarely asked, we are going to answer it anyway!

The first step in getting the most money for your item is cleaning your item! 99% of the items brought into our shop require some level of cleaning before it goes out for sale. This can be as simple as wiping down the screen of your tv or outside of your drill. Electronics such as laptops and game systems may need their vents blown out to get rid of any dust or other remnants clogging its vents. Other items may need to be taken apart to properly clean.

If an item is not brought into the shop in clean condition, we have to pay someone to clean it and make it saleable. This means less money in your pocket! Take the time to make your product clean and attractive to avoid losing out on cleaning costs.

Once we assess the overall cleanliness of an item and determine the amount of work it will take, we need to ensure the item is functional and works properly. The number one way to get more money during this stage is for you to know how your item works. If you can show the appraiser all of its functions and that it works 100%, you get paid faster. If the appraiser has to take time to learn how the item works, that is money out of your pocket!

In addition to knowing how your product works, it is also helpful to have your product ready for sale. This includes resetting or formatting an electronic so your personal information is removed and it can be started as a new device. If you have additional add-ons to your item, bring any information or additional documentation. For example, if you purchased an extended warranty for an item, that may add value to it!

If you take the time to clean your item, ensure it works properly, and prepare it for sale, you will most definitely get more money than bringing in a dirty item in an unknown condition. Before you bring an item to any shop, think about the value you can add to it! We’re always happy to take a look at any item, in any condition, but we have to pay accordingly! 

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