How Does a Pawn Work?

How Does a Pawn Work?

When people think of a pawn shop, they often think of “pawning” an item. The term pawning refers to getting a collateral loan against the value of an item. This is a service that is still offered in many pawn shops across the country.  At Pawn Pro, we are restricted by local laws. Instead we offer a very similar service, a buyback layaway.

A buyback layaway is essentially the same as a pawn. You are able to get cash on the spot for your item and buy it back within 30 days, for a fee. This service is available to anyone (over the age of 18) and does not require a credit check. A buyback layaway allows you to get cash for a short time (under 30 days)!

The first step to a buyback layaway is bringing your item in. We can do a buyback on a variety of items including gold, electronics, tools, watches, jewelry, designer items and more! If we would normally buy the item, we can also do a buyback layaway on it. For a complete list of items we buy, visit this page!

Once you bring your item in, one of our team members appraises the item to determine it’s current cash value. That cash value is used to make you a buyback cash offer.

When we have reached an agreement on a cash offer, we go through our normal testing process and buy your item. We then set up a layaway to allow you, and only you, to buyback your item.

We safely store your item in the back of the shop and you have up to 30 days to pick up your item!  We charge a flat layaway fee. That means the price to pick up your item does not change whether it is with us for 7 or 30 days.

When you’re ready to pickup your item, simply stop in and buy your item back. We make it easy to borrow cash! 

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