Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

What does it mean for a diamond to be "ethically sourced"? Should you care if the diamond you have was obtained in an ethical way? How can you be sure yours was? We're going to explore all of these questions and more!

What does "ethically sourced" mean?

While there are many variations of the definition for "ethically sourced" the main idea is that the product was obtained without exploiting humans, bankrolling war, or damaging the environment. It implies that the product was sourced while upholding rights and providing decent working conditions while maintaining health, safety, and good business ethics.

What does it mean if a diamond was sourced unethically?

The process for obtaining diamonds tends to be filled with unfair and inhumane working conditions. Many times, the need for new diamond mines or a new source for diamonds has fueled war and contributed towards the death of innocent people. The term "blood diamond" may come to mind when thinking about diamond mining. This is why people are concerned with where their diamond came from. 

How can you be sure your diamond is "ethically sourced"?

Knowing exactly where the stones in the jewelry you are purchasing came from is hard. Jewelry stores do not disclose that their diamonds contribute to war and death or take advantage of workers, some being children. Instead, they paint a pretty picture of a beautiful stone and they leave how they obtained it out of the conversation.

When you purchase from a secondhand shop, you can be sure the jewelry came from an individual or dealer who also sells "recycled jewelry". While you can't be sure about where the stone originally came from, our method of obtaining gemstones like diamonds, does not directly exploit individuals. There are other ways of being sure your jewelry is ethically sourced. This can be done by moving to diamond alternatives!

Are there alternatives to authentic diamonds?

There are many alternatives to diamonds including other types of natural gemstones and lab-grown diamonds. Traditionally, a diamond was used to signify marriage but now many couples are choosing other stones like ruby, sapphire, onyx, topaz, and opal. These stones make for a very unique ring and allows for a more "personal" look with color and shape! 

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