Jewelry Repair

Our jeweler, Paul, can help you resize, repair or refurb your jewelry back to its original glory—all in-house!

Jewelry Repairs

Pawn Pro offers gold and diamond jewelry repair for all of your favorite pieces. With 12 years’ experience in buying, selling and refurbing jewelry, Paul is ready to repair your valuables. We offer superior services for a fraction of what typical retail chains will charge. With turn -around times in as 24 hours, Pawn Pro is your number one jewelry repair store.

Ring Repairs

Ring Repair Service Pricing

Ring Repair ServicePricing
Solder Break in Ring$21+
Solder 2 Rings Together$32+
Solder 3 Rings Together$52+
Straighten & Refinish$21+
Cut 2 Rings Apart and Refinish$38+
Remove a Stone$8+
Reshape a Ring$10+

Ring Repair Before & After Pics

Ring Repair (Before)

Ring Repair (After)

Ring Sizing Service

Ring Resizing Service Pricing

SizingUp to 3mm (Ladies)3mm and Over
One Size Smaller$30+$35+
One Size Larger$35+$40+
Each Additional SizeCall for more info

Shank Repairs

Shank Repair Service Pricing

ShanksUp to 3mm (Ladies)3mm and Over
1/2 Shank$100+$120+
Full Shank$150+$200+

Chain Repairs

Chain Repair Service Pricing

Chain Repair ServicesPricing
Solder Chain$18+
Figure 8 Safety 14k$35+
Supply & Solder Jump Rings$18+
Tighten Clasp$15+


Clasps Pricing

ClaspsSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
14k Lobster Installed$35+$55+$65+$200+
Gold Filled$35+$55+$65+$200+
Hinge Repair/Replacement$40+

Prong Repair

Prong Repair Pricing

Prong Repair ServicesPricing
Full Prong$40+
Smooth Prongs & Refinish$25+
Straighten Prongs & Refinish$25+

Head Repairs

Head Repair Pricing

Head RepairsPricing
Straighten Head$35+
Install Head$45+
Lower Head$45+
Rebuild Channels$22+/stone/side

Stone Tightening Services

This service includes a complimentary cleaning and polishing.

Stone Tightening Services Pricing

Stone Tightening (per Stone)Pricing
Stones in Channel$24+
Center Stone$33+
Side Stone$24+
Fancy Shape$45+
Epoxy Pearl$30+

Earring Post Repair & Replacement

Earring Post Repair & Replacement Pricing

Earring Post Repair & ReplacementStarting at $48

Custom Services

If you have any custom needs, please contact us and tell us about how we can help you!

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