Guitar Repairs

Our guitar repairs are completed in-house by a professional luthier (someone who makes and repairs stringed instruments).

Phil Conway, Luthier

Phone Number: 315-552-0075

Email Address:

About Our Luthier: Phil Conway

When Phil started playing guitar, over 20 years ago, he realized his love for the instrument. He started tinkering with and fixing guitars about a decade ago. The passion he had for repairing guitars led him to the Galloup School of Lutherie. He graduated in 2015 and began his professional career as a Luthier. Originally from Newberg, NY, Phil joined the Pawn Pro team in 2018 as our in-house Luthier. Visit him in our Syracuse location!

In-House Guitar Repairs

The price of your new strings are not included in the pricing below.


Setup Pricing

Guitar Setup ServicePricing
Acoustic or Hard Tail Setup$35
Tremolo Setup$50
Locking Tremolo Setup$60

Guitar Repair Before & After Pics

Before Guitar Restoration

After Guitar Restoration

Fret Services

Fret Service Pricing

Frets ServicesPricing (Setup Included)
Fret Level & Crown$120
Re-Fret (unbound)$225
Re-Fret (bound)$300
Fret Ends$25 (does not include setup, locking tremolo requires setup)

Guitar Part Replacements

Ring Repair Service Pricing

Nut$100 (setup included)
Mono Output Jack$20
Stereo Output Jack$30
One Pot$20
Two Pots$35
Three Pots$45
Four Pots$55

Pickup Installation Services

Pickup Installation Service Pricing

Pickup Installation ServicePricing
One Pickup$30
Two Pickups$50
Three Pickups$65

Bench/Inspection Fee

The bench/inspection fee is $30 and it is waived if the work completed totals more than $30.

Hourly Rate

Our hourly rate is $30 per hour. Specialty switch & pot replacement, and custom wiring is done at the hourly rate. Advanced repairs are also done at the $30 per hour rate. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Before Photos

After Photos

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